Made by hand in Australia


Our most frequently asked questions are answered below...

1. How does made to order work?

We don't have any stock on hand. The moment you place your order with our online store, all elements of the sandal – from the multilayered EVA sole, to the arch support, to the elastic upper – are crafted by hand in Melbourne, Australia. This means we don't have unsold stock going into landfill, which lightens our footprint on the planet. 

For the record though... we have never put unsold stock into landfill - we have found a second life for it with a not-for-profit organisation which then sells the materials to schools and childcare centres for arts and crafts.

2. So how long will it take for my sandals to arrive?

Made to order production time is one week, plus shipping – which is currently still delayed in Australia due to the COVID pandemic. To be safe, expect delivery of your sandals two weeks after you place your order.

3. Your service is made to order but you accept returns – how does that work?

This was a hard balance to strike and something we mulled over for ages. As we only have an online store, it’s important our customers know they can exchange their sandals if they order the incorrect size, or if the shoe doesn't suit their feet. On the other hand, we are committed to not mass producing our sandals and keeping our footprint as light as possible. In the end we looked at our return rate - which is low - and decided to accept the small number of returns we do get.

4. Are Pieds good for your feet / what benefits do they offer?

For long distance walking - whether that be in nature or in the city - properly fitted runners are the best choice. Our sandals have been designed for everyday use and shorter distance walking, such as:

  • To and from yoga
  • Out for brunch with a friend
  • Going to the beach
  • BBQ with the family
  • A trip to the market

Pieds have arch support for additional comfort and wellness, making them a better choice that a flat soled thong or leather sandal. Pieds have not been designed as a hiking sandal.

5. Do I need to break my Pieds in?

No, you don't. But you will find that they begin to feel extra comfortable about 2 weeks into wearing them, as the EVA foam rubber moulds to your feet.

6. I have wider feet - will Pieds work for me?

You'll notice on our website you have the option to order sizes with a 'W' after the size number (i.e. 10W). The 'W' stands for 'wide'. These are for people with feet a little wider than average. For people with an extra wide forefoot, please get in touch to discuss a custom pair. 

For regular and narrow feet, please order your size without the 'W' (i.e. 10).

7. I have bunions - will Pieds work for me?

The feedback we have received from customers with bunions is that they find Pieds really comfortable, as the elastic doesn't rub and simply stretches over the bunion.

8. Why do your materials come from overseas, and not from Australia?

We tried really hard to find an Australian manufacturer of elastic, EVA and rubber soles. Sadly, we couldn’t find one. As far as we know, they don’t exist. If you are one, or know of one, we’d love to hear from you!

9. Are your sandals good for the environment?

Because our sandals are made to order and not mass produced, we don’t have dead stock, which sadly can often end up in landfill.

Secondly, our design and manufacturing philosophy is centred around quality that is made to last. Each sandal is carefully and lovingly created with longevity in mind, using high quality materials and craftsmanship.

Pieds are also delivered completely plastic free. When you purchase a pair of our sandals, you won’t receive any plastic packaging. In fact, you won’t get anything apart from the sandals and a thank you note (made from 100% recycled cardboard). We have chosen not to use plastic to tie the sandals together - we felt there was no need to create another small piece of plastic that often ends up in our ocean.

In terms of the sandals themselves, all the components can be 100% recycled. The elastic can be melted down and turned back into pellet form. The EVA foam can be shredded and reused to manufacture play equipment and other products. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer our customers a full recycling service (when their sandals come to the end of their life) due to the significant cost. We are hopeful that the cost of these programs will reduce over time as they become more mainstream in Australia.

10. Are your shoes vegan?

There are no animal products used in the making of our sandals, including in the glue that binds the soles together. 

11. How do you say Pieds?

It should be said "pee - eds" not "peeds" but we don't really mind either way.