Made by hand in Australia

About Us

Effortless everyday sandals, handcrafted + made to order in Australia

Launched in the summer of 2017, Pieds are made for women wanting an effortless, relaxed sandal to wear with laid back summer staples. Our sandals will take you from morning yoga, a trip to the market, brunch with friends and everywhere in between.

As of 2021, Pieds are made by hand + made to order in Australia. The moment you place an order with our online store, all elements of the sandal – the multilayered EVA sole, arch support and elastic upper – are lovingly handcrafted in Melbourne.

Staying true to our first collection, Pieds are completely non leather and no animal products are used. Our sandals also have arch support for additional comfort and wellness.

Our new direction includes a promise to make our business practices as sustainable, considered, ethical and transparent as possible. This is what we’re currently doing to lighten our footprint:

  • Our design and manufacturing philosophy is centred around quality that is made to last. Each sandal is carefully and lovingly created with longevity in mind, using high quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Because our sandals are made to order and not mass produced, we don’t have dead stock, which sadly can often end up in landfill
  • The Pieds manufacturing process is ethical and transparent. Our sandals are made by a small team locally in Melbourne, Australia. Our small team is empowered, paid properly, and surrounded by a healthy workplace culture
  • The EVA foam used to make the mid soles of our sandals is sourced from China and Vietnam. Sadly, we were unable to find an Australian company that manufactures EVA to partner with. No formamide (a harmful chemical sometimes used in EVA foam) is used in our foam. *If you are an Australian manufacturer of EVA, and would like to work with us, please get in touch
  • The elastic used to make our sandals is sourced from China. Again, we were unable to find an Australian company that manufactures elastic to partner with. *If you are an Australian manufacturer of elastic, and would like to work with us, please get in touch
  • The Topy sole is sourced from France. *If you are an Australian manufacturer of soles, and would like to work with us, please get in touch
  • The glue that binds the layers of the sole together has no animal products in its composition
  • Any EVA foam and elastic offcuts that are significant in size are collected during manufacturing and donated to a not-for-profit organisation which then sells the materials to schools and childcare centres for arts and crafts, giving them a second life
  • Pieds are delivered completely plastic free. When you purchase a pair of our sandals, you won’t receive any plastic packaging. In fact, you won’t get anything apart from the sandals and a thank you note (made from 100% recycled paper). We have chosen not to use plastic to tie the sandals together - we felt there was no need to create another small piece of plastic that often ends up in our ocean. We don’t use shoe boxes either – but you can keep your mailing box if you’d like to store them that way
  • Our mailing boxes are manufactured locally in Australia using 100% recycled cardboard
  • We promise to continue reviewing and improving all aspects of our business to reduce our footprint on our planet as much as we can. 

If you have any questions or ideas of how we can reduce our footprint further, please get in touch at