Made by hand in Australia

Original Khaki Sandal II
Original Khaki Sandal II
Original Khaki Sandal II
Original Khaki Sandal II

Original Khaki Sandal II

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Original Khaki Sandal II
Black sole with lilac + sand stripe, khaki elastic upper

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An effortless, everyday sandal to wear with laid back summer staples.

Made by hand + made to order in Australia. The moment you place your order, all elements of the sandal – from the multilayered EVA sole, to the arch support, to the elastic upper – are crafted by hand in Melbourne, Australia.

Pieds sandals have arch support for additional comfort + wellness.

Our sandals are completely non leather and made from no animal products (including no animal products used in the glue).

Sandals are true to size. The 'W' after the size number (i.e. 10W) stands for 'wide'. These are for people with slightly wider feet than average. For regular and narrow feet, please order your size without the 'W' (i.e. 10).

As our sandals are made to order, we ask that you please check our sizing guide before placing your order. We also suggest measuring a pair of sandals you own + comparing the length in centimetres to ensure you get the right fit.

Made to order production time is one week, plus shipping – which is currently delayed in Australia due to the COVID pandemic. To be safe, expect delivery of your sandals 2 weeks after you place your order.

EVA foam mid sole sourced from China + Vietnam.
Elastic upper sourced from China.
Durable and grippy, the black Topy sole is sourced from France.

We can assist with smaller and larger sizes. Please get in touch at